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The increased complexity and volume of law today has created the need for specialisation in order to provide the right quality of service. As a result a number of our clients are looked after by more than one Partner or member of staff. Nevertheless we strive hard to maintain the close relationship which should exist between client and solicitor. Investment in modern technology has enabled us to improve the quality and efficiency of our service to clients.


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We look to set new standards in the provision of high quality, reasonably priced, legal services to private, institutional and corporate clients. You can get a quote on-line. We provide free legal assistance to motorists and other road users about road traffic and other motoring offences and all aspects of insurance, accident and injury claims in the UK.




Use a solicitor you can trust with more than just a compensation claim.... Feel free to search our site as we offer a range of simple legal solutions to more common problems other than insurance claims.

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Need free legal guidance for your accident claim?

Need free legal guidance about any aspect of injury, accident negligence or compensation claim?

We work with a range of solicitors around the UK as partners in order to gain more knowledge and learn from their cases and experience, just as they learn from ours.


By following this system it ensures that knowledge is shared and spread to help everyone, and not just secretly kept in a box and jealously guarded from all competitors.


We believe that by working in partnership with other top quality solicitors we can provide the best service to our clients, whether it is dealing with a claim for professional negligence or a claim for personal injury, or a complex employment tribunal case.


One of these solicitors is Martin Kaye, based in Telford in Shropshire, so much further north in the UK than us and often dealing with different types of cases from us.


They also cover a wide range of legal issues, including employment law, wills, conveyancing and personal injury, so we have learnt a lot from them over the years.

Get your home repaired and ready for 2015 safely

We can help with most of your repairs or improvements but we do not mend broken or faulty domestic appliances nor do we deal with gas related work. For that, you will need a CORGI registered fitter. The list below is by no means complete, but it will give you a good idea of the type of work we will take on.

injurywatch can help. We provide free legal assistance to people seeking compensation advice on any aspect of personal injury, accident or negligence claim. Whether your accident took place in the street, at work, in a private premises or on the road, our solicitors will answer your questions free of charge.

It couldn't be easier - three quick steps to answering your accident or injury compensation claim question
• ask your question using the form provided
• one of our lawyers will respond to you personally by email (usually within the day)
• we will anonymise the question and publish the answer online for the benefit of others in a similar predicament, but only if you give us specific permission to do so


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  • A divorce generally takes 4-6 months and it is not necessary to go to Court at all, the whole procedure is done by paperwork.
  • Even after parties are divorced, either party can still make a claim against the other either during their life-times or against their estate on death eg after a lottery win! This can be prevented by obtaining a "clean break" consent Order.
  • If a divorce is not wanted or possible immediately finances can still be sorted out and a Deed of Separation drawn up.
  • Pensions are important - they could be worth even more than the family home. They must be looked at as part of any settlement.
  • A Living Together Agreements is an agreement between a cohabiting couple to sort out the day-to-day workings of living together and to give protection for both parties from what ever might happen to the relationship in the future.
  • Unmarried fathers do not automatically have any rights save in limited circumstances. It is however possible to obtain those rights, CBA Law can help you obtain those rights.

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